I Just Want To Sing

“I just want to sing, ” is a well known statement that most artist make. Hell, i used to say it when I first became a professional singer. We say it, but do we really mean it. Because of their passion of music, some artist never really think it through. With most independent artist, bills still have to be paid, and it won’t happen with singing alone. Some work two and three jobs trying to fulfill a dream. If yiu know how expensive this career is, then yiu know that its nothing cheap about it. Some promoters see that passion and hunger  in great artist with potential, and yet, they are willing to let them get “exposure,” but refuse to pay you. That by no means is the promoters fault. So next time you make the statement, “I just want to sing,” you better be very clear about what you mean by that. Is this just a hobby? Is this going to be your career? Can you really be an artist that others will invest in? Most importantly, do you know your worth? 

The Ant Pile Artist

I like to think of myself as an “ant pile” artist. I know this may sound strange, but it’s true. You see, at times we don’t even recognize the ant pile. When it’s too small, people tend to step on it and sometimes when it’s too high, they water it down or even put gas on it. Sounds really harsh to some, but it happens often times than we may think. What does this have to do with the independent artist? Everything. Think of your music or product as the ant pile. So much money goes into the production of music, studio time, wardrobe, press kits and more. Sometimes, we go unrecognized and often times get looked over by who they think are the most popular artists at the moment. Even some promoters or potential clients may have so much material to view, that your product may be the one they take out the mailbox and throw away without even acknowledging it. Let’s just be real, this happens. Another form of stepping  on your talent could be  that annoying word “exposure” or we never heard of you. Though this may be depressing and may even make you think about quitting what you once love,  STOP…DON’T DO IT! There will always be a reason as to why this happens, but this is what I need you to do. Reflect back to the ants that built  the pile. When someone steps on their work, they don’t give up, they work in silence. They work harder than they ever did before, and no matter what they face, they never stop; they never give up. Like the ant, you have to stay consistent and persistent. Try different avenues, connect with different people, stay focused on the goal ahead. When you live and breathe music and you know that it’s your God given gift, it doesn’t matter if someone tells you no or don’t acknowledge you for who you are. The key is to get a dozen “Nos” to reach that one “Yes”. As artist, especially independent artist, we get so emotional about our work and we only want the world to see what we’ve always known. We Are Great. We are Unique. We Are Worthy. Like the ant, we won’t go away, because there’s a fight in us that everyone is not envisioned to see. We Will Build, and that my friends, is beautiful music to my ears. Don’t for get to follow my blog, like us on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and check out our website. https://www.theduchessjureesa.weebly.com 

Inspired by Single Husbands 

First let me start by saying that music is so universal, and you can practically find any song to go along with your every mood. It’s true, I’ve even tried it. A great songwriter can be inspired by just about anything to write a song. Whether it’s about personal issues, listening to someone’s problem, feeling loved, feeling hurt,  hearing a rythmn on the road while driving or even from reading a good book. I’m so blessed with the gift of songwriting, until sometimes it’s hard to explain to others what inspired me to write particular songs. About a year ago, I had the pleasure to read one of New York Times best selling authors, Honey B’s book, entitled Single Husbands. I couldn’t put this book down, definitely a page turner.  It was about three married men, Herschel Henderson, Lexington Lewis and Brian Flaw,  who had their own reasons for cheating. One being just a dog and pretty much addicted to sex, the other just married for money with no intentions of being faithful and the other one somehow had gotten caught up due to lack of sex at home. This book is all types of juicy. It even evolved into being a stage play a few years back. Although I believe in being faithful in a marriage and relationship, this book inspired me to write a song entitled Single Husband. It’s a catchy blues tune, that’s sort of comical, but yet realistic. A few months ago, I let my fans hear a snippet of it, and they are still very anxious for its release. Hint, it’s sure to be out at the beginning of 2017. I’m thankful for Honey B creating such a well written, page turning, hot and steamy book. Her creativity inspired me to write this great song. Even though most fans, feel like you live by what you write, well Duchess Fans, this is not the case.  Take my advice, especially if you’re into erotica novels, romance and such, you have to read this book.  I just wanted to share the inside scoop on this one, because I had that experience with my last single, entitled, Karma(She’ll Take Care of You) I ask that you add that to your playlist and enjoy some great soul singing.  Also join me on facebook as well so you can know when my new single, Single Husband,  will be released for your listening ears. As always, visits my website  https://www.theduchessjureesa.weebly.com  Follow and share my blogs. Below is the book by Honey B, Single Husbands.

When Loneliness Strikes An Artist

I was told  when I first started off in the industry, that success brings about loneliness. I found that to be quite unbelievable, because I felt like that just couldn’t be possible if you’re doing what you love. Right? Well, let’s just say that I was wrong on so many levels, even maybe a little naive. As I grew in the industry, I noticed how other artists I started off conversing with, no longer spoke to me. I started realizing how I was no longer being invited to events that artists were having. I was in total denial that maybe there was some envy amongst us, and I even began to question my own talent. Hey, let’s be real, I just wanted everyone to like me and be able to share my talent with the world. As time had gone by, I began to go through depression and loneliness, as though I was really trying to find my way. I had experienced so much and the need to be liked by other artist was beginning to overshadow my urge to be loved by my fans. One day it’s like I woke up and the “light bulb” went off in my head. You see, no matter how much you want to be liked in this industry, it’s not about that, it’s strictly about business. I had been called a threat by so many and I was tired of it. If my talent was this amazing, I’m going to focus on just that. Being viewed as competition is just not my thing.  I was created to make music, sing music, breathe music and touch many by what was imprinted within me. Although I get lonely at times, my fans are the ones who continue to uplift me and keep me motivated. To my fellow artist out there that feel the same way, just know that it gets better and to feel these different emotions, only make you human. Be sure to visit my website http://www.theduchessjureesa.weebly.com